ACLU of Illinois reacts to new cannabis legislation

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Cannabis and hemp. (Image by chrisbeez from Pixabay)

Cannabis and hemp. (Image by chrisbeez from Pixabay)

CHICAGO — The ACLU of Illinois has responded to new cannabis legalization legislation that was announced over the weekend.

“The ACLU welcomes this important milestone as Illinois moves to join those states regulating the possession and use of marijuana, rather than criminalizing this activity,” said Khadine Bennett, advocacy and intergovernmental affairs director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois. We applaud Governor Pritzker, Senator Steans and Representative Cassidy for their diligence and tireless commitment to this effort. For too many years, criminalization of marijuana possession has damaged lives and communities across Illinois. It is time for rational policy.

Today’s announcement is another step toward securing passage of marijuana regulation legislation in Illinois that is centered on fairness and equity. The ACLU will continue to support removing barriers for people with a marijuana conviction, allowing these individuals to participate in a legal industry, and directing new revenue from the marijuana industry to communities that have been decimated by the failed war on drugs.

Illinois can accomplish these goals and serve all the people of our state.”



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