GLADD calls on Lipinski to support Equality Act

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U.S. Rep. Dan Lipinski

NEW YORK — GLAAD has called on U.S. Rep. Dan Lipinski (D-Western Springs) to support the Equality Act.

Lipinski, seen as the most conservative Democrat in the House, is the only Democrat to not support the Equality Act.

GLAAD launched a digital campaign asking Illinoisans to demand the Congressman support the Equality Act. The campaign on Lipinski comes as GLAAD also urged U.S. Senator Joe Manchin in March to also reverse course and support the bill, which would help solidify protections for 58,000 West Virginians identifying as LGBTQ.

Lipinski has said he’s worried about the Equality Acts impact on “religious liberty.” 

“Congressman Dan Lipinski’s concerns about the balance between religion and government are a false flag. Religion is an American value that’s treasured in this country – including for the LGBTQ community – and is not compromised in any way by ensuring equal rights and dignity for all people,” said Zeke Stokes, Chief Programs Officer of GLAAD. “There are 425,000 LGBTQ Illinoisans whose safety and quality of life are on the line while Congressman Lipinski parrots the misguided anti-LGBTQ activists who use religion as a weapon against them. Rep. Dan Lipinski should listen to his constituents – not anti-LGBTQ extremists.”

Lipinski’s stance has already energized a primary challenger for the 2020 primary.



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