Washington Blade: Trump opposes Equality Act

Image by MotionStudios from Pixabay

WASHINGTON — The Washington Blade on Monday reported that the Trump administration is opposing the Equality Act.

“The Trump administration absolutely opposes discrimination of any kind and supports the equal treatment of all; however, this bill in its current form is filled with poison pills that threaten to undermine parental and conscience rights,” a senior administration official said in an email to the newspaper.

The Blade reported that Trump had supported adding the LGBTQ community to the Civil Rights Act when he was considering a presidential run in 2000. 

The act would modify existing civil rights legislation to ban discrimination against LGBTQ people in employment, housing, public accommodations, jury service, education, federal programs and credit. According to the Blade, it would expand the definition of public accommodations to include retail stores, banks, transportation services and health care services and establish that the Religious Freedom Restoration Act can’t be used to enable anti-LGBT discrimination.

The act was introduced in the House in March. It could be voted on this week and has the support of all but one Democrat in the house.



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