Another transgender woman of color killed, this time near Philly


PHILADELPHIA — A transgender woman of color was killed in North Philadelphia this past Sunday.

The news comes just after news of the death of Muhlaysia Booker in Dallas was becoming known.

The Philadelphia Gay News reported that Michelle Washington was shot in North Philadelphia.

From the PGN:

The incident took place on the 3400 block of North 11th Street in North Philadelphia’s Franklinville neighborhood. Police responded to the scene at approximately 5:07 a.m.

Washington, who was in her 30s, suffered gunshot wounds to the head, body and buttock, according to police. She was transported to Temple University Hospital and pronounced dead at 5:33 a.m.

No arrest has been made. The investigation is active with the Philadelphia Police Department’s homicide division.

Washington, Michelle Simone on social media, was known as Tamika, said Deja Lynn Alvarez, Philadelphia City Council at-large candidate.

Washington was a “no-nonsense” person who “didn’t take s–t from anyone,” said Alvarez, who knew Washington for more than 20 years. Alvarez added the issue surrounding Simone’s murder affects the trans community more than the LGBTQ community at large.

“It’s very important that we stress that because we’re not seeing LGB people murdered every other day,” Alvarez said. “It’s time that we say this is happening to trans women, it’s happening to black trans women, it’s happening to trans women of color. …It’s time that we shift the focus to that.”



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