Michigan Methodists vote for pro-LGBTQ policy

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TRAVERSE CITY — The Michigan conference of the United Methodist Church voted last Saturday to fully include LGBTQ people in the church.

TV station WPBN/WGTU reported that the conference was held to discuss the international UMC conference that voted to follow a much more restrictive and punitive policy for LGBTQ members.


By more than two-thirds margin, 819 (68%) to 377 (32%), the body approved the visionary GCR 2019-2- Aspirations for The Michigan Annual Conference; “The Michigan Annual Conference aspires to live into an expression of Methodism that includes LGBTQIA people in full life and membership of the UMC.”

According to the Michigan church leaders, this measure aspires to promote reconciliation and focus on mission, rather than focus on trials and investigation based on sexual orientation.

A request for declaratory decision on the constitutionality of this resolution will be acted upon by Bishop David Bard within 30 days.

Straw poll, GCR 2019-3, was approved after chair of the Michigan Conference Leadership Council, Amy Mayo-Moyle, requested it be taken.

“We are in a hard place but we are at a place where we must best discern how to go forward,” said Mayo-Moyle. “The reality is we very well may be facing schism. We don’t know what is to come. This will help us know the sense of the Annual Conference.”

The straw poll results indicated a two-thirds preference for “a United Methodist Conference whose policies allow for but do not require clergy to officiate at same-gender weddings, allow for consideration for ordained ministry of persons regardless of sexual orientation, and in which appointments are made with consideration given to the full range of contextual realities.”

UMC churches in Rockford and Central Illinois also protested policy.



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