Pride disrupted in three cities this weekend

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A screen cap of Twitter video showing crowds fleeing DC Pride.

A screen cap of Twitter video showing crowds fleeing DC Pride.

CHICAGO — Pride celebrations in Detroit, Washington and New Orleans were disrupted this past weekend, some on gun fear but one because of neo-nazis crashing the party.

The most serious disruption was with Pride in Washington, D.C., when there was a panic over possible shots fired. The Washington Post reported that police had been called to celebrations in the city’s Dupont Circle neighborhood Saturday evening because of reports of a man with a gun. At around that time, loud noises that people thought were gun shots were heard which send the crowd running. DC Mayor Muriel E. Bowser told the media later that there were no shots fired. Police told the newspaper that people were already fleeing the area when they arrived.

Video on social media show hundreds running from the area and seeking shelter. The Post said that seven people were taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries from the panic. 

The chaos ended the parade. A man was arrested and a weapon was found.

Motor City Pride was the target of neo-nazis pushing their way into the event on Saturday. Fox News reported that members of the neo-nazi National Socialist Movement (NSM) marched on the event throwing nazi salutes and carrying weapons. They tore Pride flags that were being shown and one was photographed as he seemed to urinate on an Israeli flag.

Local Detroit media didn’t have a lot about the nazis showing up. The Detroit News had only a line saying that the group had shown up with police separating them from the parade goers. Online publication Deadline Detroit had video from a contributor that showed the group, numbering maybe 10 people, walking through with a woman changing “fuck you, faggots”on a bullhorn. Paradegoers were making their own opinions heard as well. There were no reports of injuries.

Social media also had photos of the police standing between the neo-nazis and the paradegoers. Quite a few commenters were angry at seeing police wear rainbow buttons while protecting the neo-nazis from the crowd.

A man was arrested for having a rifle and handgun at the New Orleans Pride Parade in the French quarter. reported that Cody Jackson, 25, was taken to Orleans Parish jail and faces a charge of illegal possession of weapons at a demonstration.

The news site said that Jackson was a couple of blocks away from the Parade and had not fired any shots or made any threats. However, reported, state law bars firearms within 1,000 feet of a parade.



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