DC Pride panic triggered when straight couple pulled a BB gun

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A screen cap of Twitter video showing crowds fleeing DC Pride.

A screen cap of Twitter video showing crowds fleeing DC Pride.

WASHINGTON — The panic at DC Pride that started hundreds of people running on Saturday was triggered when a straight man pulled a BB gun on someone who was assaulting his girlfriend.

The Washington Blade reported on Monday that Aftabjit Singh, 38, had pulled the BB gun when someone had hit his girlfiend Melissa Duffy, 43. Singh was arrested for possession of a prohibited weapon, possession of a BB gun, and Carrying a Dangerous Weapon (Outside Home or Place of Business). The newspaper said he was also charged with “Disorderly Conduct — Cause Unreasonable Fear.” Duffy was arrested for assault when she started to kick and scream at police officers.

According to the Blade, a witness had told police at Dupont Circle after people started fleeing the area and a witness told them about seeing a man with a gun.

From the Washington Blade:

“While canvassing the south side of the park, Officer Maio was flagged down by a concerned citizen who pointed out Suspect 1 (Singh) and stated he was the individual that had a gun in his bag,” the report says. “The concerned citizen also indicated a brown bag that was laying underneath a tree,” the report continues.

“Officer Maio observed Suspect 1 approaching the bag and conducted a stop,” the report says. “Upon observing the indicated bag, which was partially open, Officer Maio observed what appeared to be the body and trigger of a silver handgun,” says the report.

“Suspect 1 claimed he pulled out the gun on an unidentified individual who was hitting his significant other,” the report says, adding that Suspect 1 said the weapon was a BB gun.

The loud banging noises people reported hearing may have been barricades that were knocked down as people fled the area.



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