Barrington home hit by possible anti-LGBTQ hate crime

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BARRINGTON — The home of an out gay student in Barrington was the target of vandalism on May 31. Police are investigating it as a hate crime.

The Daily Herald of Arlington Heights reported that Scott Nelles told police that several hundred plastic forks were placed randomly on his family’s lawn and a for-sale sign left against a tree near the street. The sign had a suicide prevention hotline number, an obscenity and “KYS,” reportedly an acronym for kill yourself.

Nelles’s daughter is an out lesbian at Barrington High School.

“Forks in the yard, that’s like a prank,” Nelles told the newspaper. “It sounds to me like it’s today’s toilet paper and actually, probably a lot easier to clean up than toilet paper. But the fact there was a sign in the yard and it had the suicide prevention hotline and had written ‘Go (expletive) KYS,’ or go kill yourself, that’s a pretty clear message. And a pretty clear message of hate.”

A lesbian couple in Barrington had their Pride flag stolen in December.

Kevin Morrison, the first out gay member of the Cook County Commission, expressed his support for the family.

“My heart goes out to the family affected by this incident, and to all LGBTQ individuals and allies here in Barrington and the region,” Morrison said in a statement released on Facebook. “Please know that I stand by you. My office is ready and willing to help in any way that we can.”



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