Man who triggered DC Pride panic released by judge

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A screen cap of Twitter video showing crowds fleeing DC Pride.

A screen cap of Twitter video showing crowds fleeing DC Pride.

WASHINGTON — The Washington Blade reported on Tuesday that a court had release the man who triggered a panic at DC Pride by brandishing a BB gun.

The Blade reported that a D.C. Superior Court Judge released Aftabjit “DJ” Singh, pending trial.

Singh had triggered a panic when he pulled his BB gun on someone who was trying to hit his girlfriend. The sharp noise of barricades being knocked over by the crowds added to the panic.

From the Washington Blade:

Aftabjit “DJ” Singh, 38, told the Washington Blade following his Monday court arraignment that he pulled out an unloaded BB gun to protect the woman he calls his wife after an unidentified man assaulted her as she stood next to the Dupont Circle fountain.

He said the unidentified man and another man who he believes were opposed to the Pride parade that had been traveling past Dupont Circle sprayed him and Melissa Duffy, 43, with mace after he attempted to stop the first man from punching Duffy.

Singh and Duffy told the Blade that they came to Dupont Circle to watch the parade as they have in past years.

“We were there because we enjoy it,” Duffy said. “We know a lot of gay people.”

Added Singh: “Her brother is gay and he’s married. So we come and we stand up for those rights.”

The two said they were sorry about the mass panic that ensued after bystanders saw Singh brandishing his BB gun, which a police report says appears like a real gun. As hundreds of parade spectators fled the area in panic at least seven sustained injuries that were non-life threatening but that required hospitalization, police said.

According to the Blade, the charges against Duffy were dropped. In court, Singh was only charged with Unlawful Possession of a BB Gun and Attempted Threats to Do Bodily Harm, both misdemeanors.



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