Former Rep. Aaron Schock may be running again

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Former Rep Aaron Schock (Photo via Wikimedia Commons)

Former Rep Aaron Schock (Photo via Wikimedia Commons)

PEORIA —  Aaron Schock, Peoria’s former representative to the U.S. House, may be running for his old seat.

LGBTQ Nation, which has been tracking Schock’s activities since he resigned from his seat years ago, noted that he has just filed paperwork with the Federal Election Commission.

The filing for “Schock for Congress” is a statement of organization. The address for the campaign is a P.O. Box in Peoria with the office being sought is the 18th district in Illinois, his old district now held by Darin LaHood, a fellow Republican.

Schock is listed as treasurer and the date for the filing is June 7, 2019.

Schock resigned from his seat in 2015 because of allegations of misusing campaign funds. Charges were dropped just this past March.

LGBTQ Nation also noted that there have been rumors that Schock was gay, despite getting a 0 score from the Human Rights Campaign. And was seen just a month or two ago with his hands down a guy’s shorts and chatting up guys in West Hollywood. He’s never officially come out.

LGBTQ Nation reported that he voted against repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, repealing the Defense of Marriage Act, and adding sexual orientation and gender identity to federal hate crimes legislation. He also refused to co-sponsor the Equality Act while in Congress.

He hasn’t responded to requests for comment to LGBTQ Nation and we didn’t find any official announcements or a campaign website.



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