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Ohio lawmaker wants to ban Drag Queen Story Hour

(Photo from Drag Queen Story Hour Facebook page)
(Photo from Drag Queen Story Hour Facebook page)

COLUMBUS, Ohio — The Ohio speaker of the house is wanting to ban Drag Queen Story Hour because it “turns boys into drag queens.”

WLWT, an NBC affiliate in Columbus, reported that Larry Householder, a Republican, sent a letter to the Ohio Library Council asking the program be shut down at public libraries.

From WLWT:

The letter was sent the day before LGBTQ Pride Month began, upsetting members in the community.

Householder wrote in part: “… taxpayers aren’t interested in seeing their hard earned money being used to turn teenage boys into drag queens.”

Tim Throckmorton, with the Family Research Council, agrees.

“It’s not like you’re going to (be) at home with your television you can turn it on and off. Here’s a public library. My grandchildren love to go to the library.They love to read. And so they’re going to go in there and be exposed to this is something that I would be opposed to and very concerned about,” said Throckmorton.

Others disagree. Kellie May brought her daughter to a story hour with local drag queen Sparkle Leigh and said she pays taxes too.

“It’s a public library for the public. And we are all part of the public, so it needs to be part of who we are as a community, and I think that should embrace everyone,” May told the TV station.

Two public libraries in the Columbus area did cancel story hours after the letter, according to WLWT.