Chicago cops to march in uniform in city’s Pride

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Some of the crowd at Chicago's Pride Parade in 2017. (Photo by Tom Wray)

Some of the crowd at Chicago’s Pride Parade in 2017. (Photo by Tom Wray)

CHICAGO — LGBTQ officers in the Chicago Police Department will march in Chicago’s Pride Parade in uniform, a local radio station reported.

According to WBBM NewsRadio, LGBTQ cops will march in the parade in uniform. This is compared to St. Louis where the local Pride organizers have said local cops can march, just not in uniform.

The station said that Chicago police got the right to march in uniform in the parade in 1992. Jamie Richardson, president of the Chicago Lesbian and Gay Police Association/Gay Officer’s Action League, told WBBM that, “The point of us being there is not advocating for a police department, it’s advocating for us as gay people allowed to be the police, or proud to be the police.”

Police relations with marginalized communities can be iffy at the best of times. And with the role police had in the Stonewall riots, there has been a push for police not to march in uniform. St. Louis and Sacramento Pride events have asked police not to be in uniform when they participate in events outside of duty.

Even as police say they want to improve relations, issues still arise. Last week, the New York Police Department apologized for its role in the Stonewall riots. However, the next day, a transgender woman of color was found dead in her cell at New York City’s Rikers Island.



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