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LGBTQ Pride flag flies over Illinois government buildings

The LGBTQ Pride flag flying over the Illinois State Capitol. (Photo from Jonna Cooley via Phoenix Center)

SPRINGFIELD — The LGBTQ Pride flag has been raised over Illinois government buildings over the past couple of weeks.

Last week, the flag was raised over the Illinois State Capitol’s dome. The governor’s office had contacted the executive director of the Phoenix Center, Springfield’s LGBTQ community center, for a Pride flag that could be flown. The center’s exec director, Jonna Cooley, gave the office a flag and it was flying before the end of the week. The Facebook announcing it went a bit viral with many LGBTQ organizations across Illinois sharing it.

It’s the first time the Pride flag has flown over the statehouse.

On Monday, the Phoenix Center announced that the Illinois Comptroller’s office has also picked up a flag to fly over it’s administration building.

Illinois became the latest state or other local government to raise the Pride flag over government offices. Wisconsin and Michigan both raised the flag over their statehouses last week with California and the city of Cincinnati raising it this week.

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