Alternative Catholic church to hold Pride Mass this weekend


PALATINE — An alternative Catholic style church is holding a Pride Mass this weekend.

The Daily Herald reported that Agape Community of New Hope will host a service at 5 p.m. Saturday at Countryside Church Unitarian Universalist, 1025 N. Smith St. The church was co founded by Colin Collette after he was fired from as a music director at a Catholic church five years ago. He’d announced his engagement to a man.

From the Daily Herald:

Mass will be celebrated by a member of the organization Roman Catholic Womenpriests. The woman who will provide the homily is the mother of two sons who are gay and transgender.

While it’ll be Agape’s third Pride Mass, organizers for the first time are inviting worshippers from outside the congregation. The church’s mission statement and core values call for inclusion of LGBTQ people, their families and friends.

“Communities need to start living what they believe, that the word ‘Catholic’ means ‘universal’ and by definition ‘all are welcome,'” Collette said.

Collette said the Pride Mass is needed because the LGBTQ community “is still under attack” by the Catholic church. He cited last week’s case of a school that refused to fire a gay teacher as ordered by the Archdiocese of Indianapolis, leading church officials to indicate they would no longer recognize it as a Catholic school.



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