Log Cabin Republicans lash out at LGBTQ orgs for silence on attack against conservative gay blogger

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From Facebook

From Facebook

WASHINGTON — The Log Cabin Republicans lashed out at other LGBTQ groups for their silence after Andy Ngo, a gay writer for conservative site Quilette, was beaten by antifa members during clashes in Portland, Ore.

Portland has been the scene of repeated street fighting between antifa and extreme right-wingers for a couple of years. According to the Independent, Ngo was covering the clashes between the Proud Boys and antifa this past weekend.

The news site reported that Portland police had arrested three people on charges of assault on a public safety officer, harassment and disorderly conduct. A group called Rose City Antifa had accused the Proud Boys of “planning to invade downtown Portland, looking for targets for violent attacks” and Ngo of Islmaphobia.

Ngo has been covering the clashes for a couple of years and has been accused of Islmaphobia ever since he called Muslim communities in London as “failed multiculuralism” in a Wall Street Journal column called “A Visit to Islamic England”. He’s also written for the far-right site Daily Wire.

“It is audacious that a group of armed domestic terrorists like Antifa would roam the streets of Portland and seek out a member of our LGBTQ Asian-Pacific Islander community to harm and commit acts of violence against,” stated Log Cabin Republicans national spokesman Charles Moran in a press release. “It is even more reprehensible that members of our own so-called equality organizations like HRC would allow their spokesperson to openly circulate the notion that he deserved it because he is a conservative. The silence from Gay, Inc. is deafening, and sends the message that the community will only defend you if you subscribe to its leftist agenda.”

The LCR said nothing about the Proud Boys who were also present. There was also nothing about the 11 transgender women of color killed this year.

The LCR also said that Charlotte Clymer, press secretary to the Human Rights Campaign, had claimed Ngo was looking for a fight in a tweet on her personal account.

Ngo has been filming and posting video of antifa actions a protests for years, but has very rarely turned the camera the other way.

Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang tweeted well wishes to Ngo.

The Oregonian reported that there were at least three disturbances in Portland over the weekend. 



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