GLAAD issues report on anti-LGBTQ activists on new State Department commission

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WASHINGTON — GLAAD released a report on the records of a new human rights commission’s members on Tuesday. The commission, the organization says, is almost a who’s who of anti-LGBTQ activists.

The U.S. State Department’s new commission, Commission on Unalienable Rights, is supposed to give the government an informed view of the role of human rights on foreign policy. GLAAD has said that the commission includes Mary Ann Glendon, an anti-LGBTQ activist who claimed marriage equality was a “radical social experiment,” and Shaykh Hamza Yusuf Hanson, who claimed marriage equality was “one of the signs of the End Times.”

“This ‘Commission’ is a farce and further illustrates the bold-faced anti-LGBTQ agenda of this administration,”said Sarah Kate Ellis, president and CEO of GLAAD.  ”The Trump Administration is knowingly appointing activists who have made careers out of fighting against LGBTQ progress and is now providing them an opportunity to export their anti-LGBTQ activism around the world through the U.S. State Department.”

Other members of the commission include:

Peter Berkowitz
— Criticized the Supreme Court’s 2003 ruling overturning sodomy laws as “dangerous,” writing that “Justice Kennedy’s majority opinion seemed to follow the logic of his moral and political judgments rather than the logic of the law.”

Jacqueline Rivers
— Delivered a speech at the Vatican, insisting that LGBTQ activists were “abolishing in law the principle of marriage as a conjugal union and reducing it to nothing other than sexual or romantic partnerships or domestic companionship.” She went on insist that LGBTQ activists have “unjustly appropriated” civil rights language.

F. Cartwright Weiland (Rapporteur)
— Served as policy analyst for the Texas Conservative Coalition Research Institute, an anti-LGBTQ think thank that advised the Texas legislature and Governor’s office; also served as speechwriter to anti-LGBTQ US Senator John Cornyn.



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