Gun dealers sue over new Illinois licensing law

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SPRINGFIELD — Gun dealers and the Illinois State Rifle Association (ISRA) have sued to stop a state law that would require gun dealers in Illinois to have a state license in addition to the federal one they already have.

Capitol News Illinois reported that the law, the Firearm Dealer License Certification Act, also has other new requirements to qualify for a state license. They include requiring stores to install adequate security, including video surveillance, exterior lighting and alarm systems; employees undergoing at least two hours per year of training in how to comply with state gun laws; and having adequate plans in place for the safe storage of firearms and ammunition during retail hours and after closing.

The state license will cost $300 for private sales, $1,500 for retail locations. According to Capitol News, a federal license is $90.

The ISRA does work with the National Rifle Association (NRA) according to their website.

“There is no need for this law,” said Richard Pearson, ISRA president on the group’s site. “The federal government already licenses gun dealers. All this does is create more red tape and increase the cost of doing business. We said we would challenge this law in court when it was signed, and today we are keeping that promise.”

Person also said that the law was never about public safety and was intended to have a “chilling effect” on the industry.

There was no statement on the Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s website about the lawsuit.



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