Champaign mayor says police won’t help ICE

Champaign, Illinois (From the City of Champaign website)

CHAMPAIGN — Champaign Mayor Deborah Frank Feinen announced on Thursday that the city’s police department will not help ICE officials with going after immigrants.

In a statement, the police department and mayor’s office stated:

  • Champaign Police does not take part in ICE immigration raids or immigration enforcement operations involving suspected undocumented residents.
  • The State of Illinois’ TRUST Act prohibits local law enforcement from assisting with any federal immigration enforcement operation.
  • Champaign Police will not stop, arrest, search, or detain anyone solely based on their nationality or immigration status.
  • If known, Champaign Police will not share information about an undocumented individual with federal officials.
  • As required by law, Champaign Police enforces warrants that have been issued by a court of law, but does not enforce federal Immigration Detainers or Hold Requests.

“I want to reassure Champaign’s residents and guests that the City of Champaign remains committed to fostering a friendly, inclusive, and welcoming community for all who choose to live here,” Feinen said in the statement. “We remain fully supportive of the wonderfully diverse community of immigrants who have chosen to call Champaign home. I thank all the members of our community who have extended a warm welcome, a neighborly hand, or a reassuring word with those who might be facing adversity during these challenging times.”

WICS/WCCU, a Fox affiliate in Springfield, reported that Springfield Mayor Jim Langfelder released a statement last week instructing the Springfield Police Department not to participate in ICE raids either.




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