Springfield’s Club Station House to stay open


SPRINGFIELD — The Club Station House will remain open, the bar’s owner said in a Facebook post on Friday.

The Club Station House was going to have its final event this weekend as the building had been sold. However, in the post, owner Ryan Brady said that building sale was not going to go through. According to the post, the closing date had to be pushed back until one of the lead investors, who was out of the country, returned. As they had to be there for the closing, the sale could not go through. Brady said in the post that waiting any longer would mean a holding pattern no only for tenants, who had been compensated for having to move, but also employees of the bar who wouldn’t be working while everything was on hold. 

“The building sale is not going to happen on the contractually agreed-to date as the developers have said this lead investor has to be present for the closing of the sale,” Brady said in the post. “Therefore, as the building owner, I am allowing most current tenants to keep possession of their leased unit(s). As the owner of Club Station House, it will remain open then, for the time being, at it’s current location. I apologize about the confusion regarding the closing of CSH at this location, but I believe it is in the best interests of the employees and myself to keep everything business as usual until something else happens going forward.”

Because there had been communication for months confirming the original date of sale, Brady said he is frustrated. But the bar will be business as usual. The planned show will go on on Saturday with no cover, but the dollar drinks will on Sunday will only be for well drinks. 

“I appreciate all of the community support and again apologize about the confusion,” Brady said in the post. “Thank you for your understanding.”



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