Man who caused DC Pride panic gets plea deal

A screen cap of Twitter video showing crowds fleeing DC Pride.

WASHINGTON — The Washington Blade reported Tuesday that a man charged with brandishing a BB gun and starting a panic at DC Pride in June has accepted a plea deal.

The Blade reported that Aftabjit “DJ” Singh, 38, agreed to an offer by prosecutors with the U.S. Attorney’s Office to plead guilty to misdemeanor charges of Possession of a Destructive Device and Attempted Threats to Do Bodily Harm. He’ll be enrolled in a six-month diversion program where his sentence is postponed while he does community service. If the prosecutors think he’s successfully completed the program, the newspaper said, he can drop his guilty plea and have charges dropped.

In June, Singh had pulled the BB gun when someone had hit his girlfriend Melissa Duffy, 43. Duffy was arrested for assault when she started to kick and scream at police officers when Singh was arrested.

Singh and Duffy said they were sorry about the mass panic that ensued after bystanders saw Singh brandishing his BB gun, the Blade reported.



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