Iowa man convicted for burning LGBTQ library books, ordered to pay fines

Paul Dorr burns LGBTQ children’s books from the Orange City Public Library. He was convicted of criminal mischief on Tuesday. (Screen capture of the Facebook Live video)

ORANGE CITY — Paul Dorr, who made national news when he burned LGBTQ library books in a Facebook live video, was convicted of criminal mischief on Tuesday.

Sioux County, Iowa Attorney Thomas Kunstle told NBC OUT that Dorr, 63, was found guilty of the misdemeanor Tuesday and ordered to pay approximately $147 in fines and court costs.

Dorr had reportedly tried to get the case dismissed, saying other people don’t return library books and he was “selectively” being prosecuted. The court didn’t buy that.

He had burned the books while livestreaming in October 2018. He plead not guilty to fifth-degree criminal mischief in January. He had reportedly been angry that the small Iowa city had held its first Pride celebration.

The books that were burned were David Levithan’s “Two Boys Kissing”; Suzanne and Max Lang’s “Families, Families, Families!”; Gayle E. Pitman’s “This Day in June”; and Christine Baldacchino’s “Morris Micklewhite and the Tangerine Dress.”

After the burning, the Orange City Public Library was flooded with donations of money and books.



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