Protests at either end of Illinois over immigration, racism

Image by Morris Sneor from Pixabay

CHICAGO/CARBONDALE — While not coordinated, there were two separate protests at the extreme ends of the state, speaking out against the immigration crackdown and white supremacy.

WSIU, a Carbondale NPR station, reported that the Southern Illinois Immigrant Rights Project showed support for the residents of El Paso on Wednesday. The radio station said the group delivered a letter and held a picket asking U.S. Rep. Mike Bost (R-Murphysboro) to condemn the white supremist rhetoric and policies coming from the White House.

Becca Tally told WSIU that the group wanted Bost to make a statement. “That is necessary for the people that are here residing in his district to know that he wants to serve and protect everyone of us no matter what race, religion, creed or national origin that we are from,” she said.

On Thursday, activists protesting the administration’s immigration policies and supporting El Paso victims blocked Lake Shore Drive in Chicago, ABC7 Chicago reported. The protestors blocked the southbound lanes at Monroe for about 15 minutes then moved off the street to continue their protest. However, traffic reports had traffic back up from Monroe, at Grant Park downtown, all the way to Fullerton at the northern edge of Lincoln Park.



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