B’N Trans – Community changes name to Trans Ascension

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BLOOMINGTON — B’N Trans – Community, a group representing transgender people in the Bloomington/Normal area, has changed it’s name to Trans Ascension: A Gender Evolved Community.

The group announced its new name and logo in a Facebook post on Monday. 

From the post:

Our new logo and name is finally here. I am glad to welcome all of you to Trans Ascension!

Mr. DeLong, of Osborn & DeLong, approached me recently about the branding of B’N Trans – Community. He offered his services as penance for how he had previously treated a trans colleague many years prior. Instead of saying “it was a different time”, he wanted to do something actionable that would immerse him in an educational opportunity.

This is how you become an ally. You recognize your faults, and take action to correct them. As I searched my heart for a new name to our little organization, I kept falling back on the word ‘evolve.’ We all must take time to evolve our understanding of the world around us. I’m glad I had the opportunity to work with Doug. And, I’m overjoyed that his quest to evolve brought us our new, powerful brand image.



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