Lambda Legal signs contract with employee union


NEW YORK — LGBTQ advocacy group Lambda Legal signed a contract with its employee union on Monday.

Both Lambda Legal and the union, Lambda Unites, announced the contract in press releases. 

Employees voted for form a union in December 2017 and had been negotiating with Lambda Legal since then.

“This contract is security,” the union said in its statement. “It is knowing that Lambda Legal will be there for us so that we can continue to be there for those who need our help. It is the increased strength and efficacy of an organization – an organization that we and so many others believe in – when staff are guaranteed a seat at the table.”

“The employees of Lambda Legal have always been our most valuable asset, and I am delighted that management and staff have successfully reached our first collective bargaining agreement,” said Richard Burns, interim Lambda Legal CEO. “This contract was negotiated in good faith and addresses priority improvements for staff while maintaining a fiscally responsible approach that allows the aggressive pursuit of our mission. I want to express my deep gratitude to all of Lambda Legal’s staff, whose commitment to our work and our values continues to be extraordinary.”

The employee union is part of the Washington-Baltimore News Guild. You can read the full contract here.