More GOP tell SCOTUS that Civil Rights Act doesn’t cover LGBTQ

(Image by succo from Pixabay)
(Image by succo from Pixabay)

WASHINGTON — GOP members of Congress and state attorneys general have filed a brief telling the U.S. Supreme Court that Title VII of the Civil Rights Act does not protect LGBTQ people.

On Tuesday, NBC OUT reported that 48 members of Congress and 15 AGs had filed two separate briefs.

Last month, Illinois was one of 21 state AGs filing a brief saying that LGBTQ people were protected from discrimination for employment. Corporations and advocacy organizations have also filed briefs with similar arguments.  

NBC OUT said that 153 Congressional Democrats had also filed a brief arguing if “a man is discriminated against in the workplace because he dates men, but his female co-workers who also date men are not discriminated against for the same conduct, sex is clearly both a ‘but for’ cause and a motivating factor in that discrimination.”

The news website said both briefs argue that only Congress has the power to ban LGBTQ discrimination. Similar briefs were filed by the U.S. Justice Department last week. 

Three cases, Altitude Express v. Zarda; Bostock v. Clayton County, Georgia; and R.G. & G.R. Harris Funeral Homes v. EEOC, that deal with job discrimination for LGBTQ are up before the Supreme Court in October.