Log Cabin Republican to run for Shimkus’s seat

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MATTOON — A member of the Illinois chapter of the Log Cabin Republicans has announced that he is running for the 15th Congressional District in Illinois.

Alex Walker of Mattoon made the announcement with a statement on his Twitter account. Walker is also the marketing officer of the LCR of Illinois chapter.

In the announcement, Walker calls himself an “avid conservative,” a Trump supporter and that he is openly gay. On the issues page of his campaign website, he calls himself “pro-life” and is against a single-payer healthcare system. His position on immigration seems to match the current administration with calling for the wall, ending birthright citizenship, changing immigration policy from family-based to merit-based, and ending the “lottery” program. He also supports school vouchers and expanding charter schools. And he said the right to own guns is “under assault.”

Incumbent John Shimkus (R-Collinsville) announced last week that he would not run for re-election. Walker seems to be the first to declare their candidacy for the seat since the announcement.

The 15th District is a sprawling one that stretches from east central Illinois across the state to parts of MetroEast near St. Louis and all the way down to counties south of Marion. It’s considered a safe Republican seat.



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