Planned protest against STL Drag Queen Storytime is getting dragged

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(Photo from Drag Queen Story Hour Facebook page)

ST. LOUIS — The Riverfront Times in St. Louis has found out that there is a protest coming for an upcoming Drag Queen Storytime event.

The newspaper said that a Facebook event post titled “Protest Against Schlafly Library’s Drag Queen Storytime”, organizers are asking protesters to “Come in your most patriotic gear and help us hand out brochures with information about children with gender dysphoria.”

As the Times noted, it’s not going well for the organizers. Here’s some of the top comments we saw.

” Thanks! My husband and I had been looking for a Drag Queen Story hour event to bring our daughter to, but didn’t know it was happening until your little protest started trending! We’ll be sure to wave at your tragic ass on our way in to enjoy time with fun people who promote literacy. “

“Proud of all these super normal people who see “people reading books to children” as worthy of protesting.”

“Have you considered collectively lobitimizing each other so no one participating in this so there’s no chance of those people getting any more dumbass ideas? Or you can show up and let everyone know how much of a snowflake you are that you cant live around other people’s way of living or their existance. You weak ass people.”

“Gotta love it when you try to organize a protest about something you thought was so inappropriate, but most of the people on the event page and in person only showed up to tell you how you’re just brainwashed and wrong. 🤣 “

“Whenever someone says, “It’s about the children,” I have firmly instructed my own children to run as fast as they can for the horizon and not look back no matter what they hear.

Thanks for proving me right in this.”

The event is at the Schlafly Branch of the St. Louis Public Library, 225 N. Euclid Avenue in St. Louis on Saturday, Sept. 28. You can RSVP on Facebook event here.



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