Kenosha school district looking to update trans student policy


KENOSHA — The school district in this city just north of the Illinois border is discussing changing their facilities policy for transgender students.

The Kenosha News reported that the Kenosha Unified School Board on Wednesday reviewed a policy that would allow trans students to use the restrooms and locker rooms of their gender identity. The newspaper said the policy would allow any student for any reason to use a single access restroom, but no student would be required to use it.

According to the News, requests would be addressed by the building principal, Title IX coordinator and superintendent for response. The board also added that a response would occur within 15 school days and could be extended with a good reason. The board was still looking a policy about overnight stays for school related events.

The newspaper said that the changes were made because of a 2016 lawsuit from a trans student who sued for discrimination when he was denied access to boys’ facilities. The student, Ash Whitaker, had won in court and the district appealed, but it withdrew its petition to the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn the decision and settled with Whitaker.

The News said that a vote on the policies is expected by the end of the academic year.



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