Central Illinois hit with Klan propaganda


EL PASO, Ill. — Local media has reported that towns in Central Illinois have seen with material from the Ku Klux Klan.

WMBD, a CBS affiliate in Peoria, reported Wednesday that the El Paso police chief had gotten reports of people in his town and Minonk receiving a Ziploc bag with flyers, a business card, and a rock in it from the KKK.

People, needless to say, are not happy.

From WMBD:

“All of the stuff they’re saying, the hate speech is just […] What’s on there is not meant to be opened by a child,” said Mackenzie Iverson who lives in El Paso.

On Sunday, Iverson’s friend found one of these bags outside of her home.

Mackenzie says this makes her feel unsafe in her own town.

“It does rock my sense of security a little bit. Because if these people are in this area trying to recruit for their Klan, that’s something we need to be aware of and take caution,” Iverson said.

So Iverson took to social media, where many people commented they received the same hateful messages. It stretched farther than just El Paso.

Brittany Stimpert from Minonk says receiving all of this at her doorstep completely shocked her.

“I was fuming, I hate all this hate. I don’t get it, we’re almost in 2020. We are backtracking almost 50-100 years. I was disgusted,” Stimpert said.

The papers make both racist and homophobic statements and give anyone who receives the information a phone number, website and address where you can contact them.

When we attempted to open the website, it said the account was suspended.

El Paso Chief David Duncan told the TV station he hadn’t seen this kind of incident in 29 years of being in the town. No threats were made but Duncan didn’t know why those residents had gotten the papers.

If you receive any KKK material or have information, you can call the El Paso police at (309) 527-5340.



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