Let’s Have a Kiki: Nathan Alexander on Nov. 12

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URBANA — The Spurlock Museum will be hosting Nathan Alexander as part of their “Let’s Have a Kiki” series on Tuesday, Nov. 12.

From the Facebook event:

“Let’s Have a Kiki” is a series of half hour informal gallery talks during the run of the exhibit In Her Closet—How to Make a Drag Queen. Exhibit participants talk about their drag practice and exhibit-related themes, concepts, and materials.

We respectfully adopt kiki as a term meaning “social gathering” that emerged from Black queer ballroom cultures in New York City. Known for its fun, laid-back, gossip-filled atmosphere, a kiki is also a support network that provides food, shelter, HIV advocacy and awareness, and an avenue for self-affirming performance expression for queer and trans youth living in the streets.

The other kikis in this series will be held 12:30–1:00 pm on Tuesday, February 11; Tuesday, March 10; and Tuesday, April 14.

The Spurlock is at 600 S. Gregory in Urbana.



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