Texas judge rules father can have say in child’s gender transition that he opposes


DALLAS — A Texas judge ruled on Tuesday that a father who opposed his child’s gender transition can have a say in the process.

The National Review reported that Judge Kim Cooks gave Jeff Younger co-conservatorship with his ex-wife Anne Georgulas of their child.

Georgulas has been supportive of the seven-year-old child, who goes by Luna. The conservative Review reported that a jury had previously ruled that Younger could not interfere with the transition process. According to The Texan, Younger had sued for sole conservatorship.

The case has been covered widely by right-wing media, including the Review and LifeSite. Most of the media reports have continued to refer to Luna as “he” and use her deadname.

Georgulas had been backed up in her decisions to let Luna start her transition by counselors and therapists. However, according to the Review, the Texas attorney general and Department of Family and Protective Services had started investigations into the case.



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