District 211 votes for trans kids to have full facility access


PALATINE — The District 211 school board in Palatine voted Thursday night to allow transgender students full access to locker rooms and restrooms.

CBS Chicago reported that the board voted 5-2 to give students full access to facilities.

“We believe it is time now to move forward with this policy, though we would not plan to implement it until the start of second semester in January,” school district Supt. Dan Cates said before the vote, according to the TV station.

The district has been embroiled in controversy for years over the issue of trans bathroom access, starting with lawsuits by tran students to have the access. There’s also been a lawsuit (since dropped) to block the district from giving students that same access.

Until the lawsuits, trans students had been required to use the nurse’s office or private stalls to change.

People for and against the the policy spoke to the board on Thursday. The school board started discussing the policy back in September.

Illinois law requires school districts to have policies to protect trans students.



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