Satanic Temple of Chicago display returning to Illinois capitol

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The Snaketivity as it was in 2018 at the Illinois Statehouse. (Photo from the Satanic Temple-Chicago)

SPRINGFIELD — The Satanic Temple of Chicago announced that they would be bringing their holiday display back to the Illinois State Capitol this past weekend.

The temple’s display, The Snaketivity, first came to the statehouse last year. The display stayed in place despite conservative freak out, protests and even a push by state legislators to get it out.

The temple is using the same laws that allow religious displays in the capitol rotunda as long as they are not paid for by the state.

The Satanic Temple is a non-theistic, as in believing in no god, organization that works to limit the intrusion of religion into government, usually by using laws promoted by conservative religious organizations.

The temple described the display as a statue portraying a female hand, encircled by a serpent, holding an apple. The inscription on the pedestal reads “Knowledge is the Greatest Gift.” In a press release, the temple said the display “keeps with The Satanic Temple’s values of advocating knowledge and rationality over superstition, ignorance, and dogma.”

It will be on display until Dec. 28.



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