Quad Cities GOP rally rails against ‘crisis of illegals’


BETTENDORF — A GOP political rally in the Quad Cities warn its audience of “the crisis of illegals” and “non-white immigration.”

The Dispatch-Argus of East Moline reported that along with people who had family members who had reportedly been killed by undocumented immigrants, one of the speakers was Nick Fuentes who had attended the infamous “Unity the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Va. back in 2017. The newspaper said that Fuentes had been condemned by other conservatives as a racist. The final speaker at the rally, he spoke against both legal and illegal immigration, calling for all immigration to be shut down so a “monoculture” could be created. He said that a drive around Chicago showed that demographic changes were “not good.”

According to the Dispatch-Argus, speakers said that Democrats  prioritize illegal immigrants over “everyday Americans,” particularly in the criminal justice system.

The rally was organized by the Scott County Teenage Republicans. In an interview with the Dispatch-Argus, group founder Adam Parcel said he was driven by his Christian religion to focus on immigration. Basically, “love thy neighbor” meant focusing on families affected by what they see as illegal immigration.

The newspaper reported that much of the event was focused on support of the Trump administration and “building the wall.” Attendees were focused on the judiciary, both with keeping a conservative majority on the U.S. Supreme Court and impeaching local judges seen as too liberal.



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