Daviess County fairness ordinance gets business support


OWENSBORO, Ky. — A proposed fairness ordinance in Daviess County, Ky. is getting support from local businesses.

A fairness ordinance would update the local human rights ordinance to include orientation and gender identity. It was proposed in this western Kentucky county back in November.

While three county commissioners have already said they won’t vote for it, the judge-executive, similar to a county board president in Illinois, has stated he’s open to it.

The Owensboro Times reported that the Fairness Campaign has been reaching out to local businesses with a sign that reads “Y’all Means All.”

“The response has been all for it,” said Fairness Campaign Chairperson Deanna Smith. “After one day, 100 of the signs were gone to different businesses.”

She told the online newspaper that the response showed there is support for the ordinance in the county.

“People are tired of Kentucky always being backward,” Smith said, adding that viral news stories from Owensboro over the last couple years include a man who dressed as Hitler during a downtown Halloween event and even some of County Commissioner George Wathen’s comments against the ordinance.



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