Trevor Project files brief in Maryland ‘conversion therapy’ ban case


BALTIMORE — The Trevor Project has filed an amicus brief to support a “conversion therapy” ban that’s been challenged in federal court.

The LGBTQ youth advocacy group said in a statement that they had filed the brief on Dec. 30, 2019. The brief was filed in the Fourth District in the case of Doyle v. Hogan. The lawsuit was brought by Virginia-based conversion therapist Christopher Doyle against Maryland’s then-new conversion therapy ban in 2018. Lawrence Joseph Hogan Jr. is the governor who signed the ban into law.

The Trevor Project said that the law has already been ruled constitutional once last year. The group had filed an amicus brief then as well.

The current brief has been updated to include the latest social science research published in the American Journal of Public Health and JAMA Psychiatry regarding the dangers of conversion therapy aimed at an individual’s gender identity.

The Trevor Project was represented in this matter by pro bono counsel from Gibson Dunn, including Stuart Delery, Lora MacDonald, Corey Singer, and Dione Garlick. You can read the full brief here.



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