No more statue of limitations on sexual assaults in Illinois

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SPRINGFIELD — As of the first of the year, there is no longer a statue of limitations of reporting sexual assaults in the state.

WTVO, a Rockford Fox affiliate, reported that the law was not retroactive. If the crime happened before the start of this year, the three year reporting period still applies.

Carrie Ward, of the Illinois Coalition Against Sexual Assault, told the TV station, “There’s no magic that says for that person, if today is not the day that you make this report, then your chance is gone. What we know now is, at three years and one day, or four years and ten days, or ten years, that person is able to come forward and make this report. They can do it, and that’s just so healing for victims.”

WTVO reported that before the new law went into effect, a person charged with sexual assault had to be prosecuted within ten years of the reported assault.



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