Indiana city councilman resigns after old anti-Muslim, anti-LGBTQ posts found


KOKOMO, Ind. — A member of the Kokomo City Council was criticized for old Facebook posts that attacked the Muslim and LGBTQ communities.

The Kokomo Tribune reported that Greg Jones’s old posts called Muslims “Goat-Humpers” and referred to Islam as “a Theocratic Moon Cult” in 2015 during his first run at a city council seat.

The newspaper also reported that other Facebook postings in the at the time included comments about the LGBTQ community, such as “As for Homosexuality it is wrong, not for a religious reason but for a biological. The purpose of sex is for procreation, that is why the act is pleasurable. … You can not get offspring from two guy (sic) or gals. So it is a crime against nature.”

Jones, a Republican, resigned his seat on Monday, the Tribune reported. He told the newspaper that since the posts were made, his views have “evolved.”

In a bit of irony, the district he represented is also home to the Islamic Association of Kokomo.



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