UP Center changes name to Uniting Pride


CHAMPAIGN — The UP Center of Champaign County is now Uniting Pride.

The LGBTQ community center in Champaign made the announcement on their Facebook page last week.

“We’ve always been The Uniting Pride Center of Champaign County, and for ten years we’ve gone by ‘The UP Center, for short,” they said in the post. “Starting in 2020, we feel that it suits our mission, vision, and goals better to go by ‘Uniting Pride.’

“We know it can take some time to get used to calling a beloved friend by a new name, but if any community knows how to do that, it’s ours.”

The name change coincided with a new strategic plan and call from community support.

The strategic plan can be read here.

“Our entire plan hinges on calling in your help,” United Pride’s executive board said in an open letter. “We’re going to need talented volunteers to fill committees, to step up for a seat on the board, to help with a newsletter, and more. Our fundraising committee is going to be launching new initiatives to garner monthly donors and fund bigger campaigns so we can build the staff capacity needed.”