Bill to limit transgender student athletes filed in Kentucky


FRANKFORT — A bill that would limit high school and college athletes to competing only as the gender they were assigned at birth was submitted this week in the Kentucky legislature.

The Louisville Courier-Journal reported that State Sen. Robby Mills, a Republican from Henderson, introduced Senate Bill 114 and titled it the “Save Women’s Sports Act.” The bill would require that if a student’s birth certificate has been edited or if the student’s biological sex is officially challenged, then the student would have to undergo a medical examination performed and signed by a physician, physician’s assistant or advanced practice registered nurse. It would establish the student’s gender based “internal and external reproductive anatomy,” testosterone levels and an “analysis of the student’s genetic makeup.”

Mills did not return calls for comment from the newspaper.

Leaders at the Fairness Campaign, Kentucky’s statewide LGBTQ group, denounced the bill.

“This is clearly part of a politically motivated (and) expanding slate of hate that’s being introduced in the state targeting all LGBTQ people but with particular emphasis on transgender students,” Chris Hartman, executive director of the Fairness Campaign, told the Courier-Journal. “… Imagine how hard it is for trans kids already on a daily basis. This bill tells them they shouldn’t be participating in athletics.”

According to the newspaper, the Kentucky High School Athletic Association has a policy that recognizes the ability of transgender student-athletes to compete in sports “free from unlawful discrimination based on sexual orientation.” However, it requires students to go through gender reassignment surgery before they can compete as their gender identity.

Hartman told the Courier-Journal that few, if any, trans student can meet that requirement, making the bill unnecessary.

And that’s not the only anti-trans bill. The newspaper reported that House Bill 132 would bar transgender students from using restrooms that align with their gender identities.



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