Iowa lawmakers want to limit statehouse flags after trans flag is flown


DES MOINES — Republican lawmakers in Iowa have proposed a bill to limit the flags can be flown on the statehouse after a transgender flag was flown on the Transgender Day of Rememberance last year.

The Des Moines Register reported that the lawmakers moved forward with the board on Monday, sending it to a full committee. If passed, it would allow only the flag of the United States, state of Iowa, a prisoner of war/missing in action flag and a flag of the city, county or school district from being flown at government buildings.

The newspaper reported that the trans flag flew over the state capitol for less than five minutes in November at the request of Iowa Safe Schools. That was still enough for the GOP to freak out and they promised to introduce legislation to prevent it from happening again.

State Sen. Jake Chapman said there must be limits, raising the possibility of a KKK or Nazi flag being flown above the Iowa capitol dome.

“We have to draw that line because I don’t think anyone at this table would feel comfortable with that kind of flag being flown over our Capitol just because someone petitions and asks for it to be flown,” he said, according to the Register.



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