Resist 4 Art Event in Urbana

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URBANA — The 25 O’Clock Brewing Company will be the host of a Resist 4 Art event on Saturday, Feb. 29.

From the Facebook event page:

Throughout history artists have responded to turbulent times by creating art. We are living through a very trying and turbulent moment in time, but we can all come together as a beautiful community to RESIST.

RESIST 4 Art Event is a Community Happening that is only possible with YOUR help!

Are you an Artist? A Maker? A Baker? An Event Volunteer? If so, we would LOVE to have you be part of RESIST 4!

We will accept ALL kinds of art- if your theme is Resistance or beauty!

Please note, 50% of sales go to Artists/Makers, and 50% go to local organizations that support people that have been even more marginalized under this administrat -50% of all sales go to Girls2Women, Courage Connection, R.A.C.E.S. and Three Spinners. Join us to RESIST! ❤️ Some artists/makers have donated even more, which is amazing!

The event starts at 2 p.m. 25 O’Clock Brewing Company is at 208 W. Griggs St. in Urbana.



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