Study: Black LGBTQ youth less likely to receive help


NEW YORK — A study released by the Trevor Project last week found that black LGBTQ youth suffer from depression and suicide at similar rates to other LGBTQ youth, but are less likely to receive help.

The study said that while 47% of LGBTQ youth overall reported receiving psychological or emotional counseling from a professional in the past year, only 39% of black LGBTQ youth reported having done so. Among those who seriously considered suicide, only half of black LGBTQ youth received psychological or emotional counseling compared to three out of five LGBTQ youth overall.

According to the study, black LGBTQ youth experience rates of depressed mood and suicidality similar to all LGBTQ youth. Among black LGBTQ youth in the study’s sample, 66% reported depressed mood in the past 12 months, 35% reported seriously considering suicide in the past 12 months, and 19% reported a past year suicide attempt. These rates are comparable those reported in the overall sample of LGBTQ youth. The significantly higher rates of suicidality among transgender and/or non-binary youth in the overall sample are also found among black transgender and nonbinary youth. Black transgender and nonbinary youth reported double the rate of seriously considering (27% vs 59%) and attempting suicide (15% vs 32%) in the past 12 months compared to cisgender Black LGBQ youth.

The full study and the methodology can be found here.



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