Pete Buttigeig ends presidential campaign


SOUTH BEND — News outlets reported Sunday afternoon that Pete Buttigeig, the first out major party candidate for president, was ending his campaign.

The Washington Post reported that Buttigeig finished in fourth place in the South Carolina primary, the last one before Super Tuesday.

He had done well in the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary, but moment slowed in Nevada and South Carolina. The Post reported that he had gained 26 delegates for the 2020 Democratic Convention.

The Post reported that Buttigeig was returning to South Bend for a call with donors and campaign staffers, having stopped for a meeting with former president Jimmy Carter.

Buttigeig had strong support from many moderates and mainstream LGBTQ groups like the LGBTQ Victory Fund, which endorsed him. However, many progressives, especially in the LGBTQ community, had been less excited because of a mixed record of his time as the mayor of South Bend. He had been focusing most on Sen. Bernie Sanders, saying Sanders was too far left for down-ticket races.



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