Former Rep. Aaron Schock finally comes out


PEORIA — Former U.S. Rep. Aaron Schock finally came out in an Instagram and website post on Thursday, surprising no one.

There have long been rumors of Schock being gay, fueled by him getting caught repeatedly at gay bars and making out with guys. Earlier this week, he was photographed hanging out with and rubbing tanning lotion on Israeli gay party producer Eliad Cohen.

Schock had represented Illinois’s 18th District in the central part of the state as a Republican from 2009 to 2015. He resigned after being charged for misspending campaign funds on redecorating his congressional office. While in office, he actually had a track record of voting against LGBTQ interests. According to LGBTQ Nation, he voted against repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, repealing the Defense of Marriage Act, and adding sexual orientation and gender identity to federal hate crimes legislation. He also refused to co-sponsor the Equality Act while in Congress.

The campaign finance charges were dropped last year.

While his essay did say he’d vote differently now, he didn’t apologize for his past anti-LGBTQ votes and said other politicians had the same views.



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