Uniting Pride to cancel meetings up to March 31


CHAMPAIGN — The Uniting Pride Center in Champaign announced Friday that they would be cancelling groups and meetings through the end of the month.

From their Facebook post:

A message from our Youth Program Coordinator:

Hello to all the wonderful attendees, volunteers, guest speakers, GSA sponsors, and community members who make Uniting Pride’s day-to-day operations possible.

I am both bummed to know that I will not see all of you (or your students) this month and truly grateful to be a part of a community that knows how to take care of each other so well. To that end, Uniting Pride has decided to cancel all of our regular support groups, play groups, and meetings until March 31st. As the end of March approaches, we will make decisions based on the recommendations of CU Public Health and the needs of our communities about when to resume programs.

The best places to get updates about Uniting Pride’s cancellations as well as to stay in touch with our communities are our facebook page, website, and newsletter.

Please do not hesitate to reach out for any reason in the coming weeks. Isolation in the LGBTQ+ community is real and it is scary, but remember that we know how to do this.

Love and solidarity,



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