UIUC student government pass resolution on preferred names on diplomas


CHAMPAIGN — The Illinois Student Government (ISG) this month voted on a resolution that calls for the preferred names of students to appear on their university diplomas.

Aveline Bundang, a contributing writer of the resolution, told the Daily Illini that the resolution was created because LGBTQ issues are often ignored by both ISG and university administration.

“ISG has not passed or even mentioned the word LGBTQ in two years, and there were a lot of very present issues that the administration still had to deal with that they were neglecting,” Bundang said. 

She acknowledge the work that the University of Illinois has done for LGBTQ students, but wanted to see more.

The newspaper reported that using a student’s preferred name, it would help lessen the immediate need of a legal name change which can often be time-consuming and expensive.

“There’s a lot of people who transitioned in college and don’t have the time and resources to perform a legal name change,” said James Arnold, a contributing author of the resolution. “It’s a hugely laborious process that differs from state to state. If you’re from Illinois, good luck trying to change your name (in) a different state.”

The Daily Illini reported that in the most recent Campus Climate Survey, 15.8% of the student population has a non-straight sexual orientation, and around 2% identify as transgender.



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