Davenport bans ‘conversion therapy’

Davenport, Iowa (Public domain photo)

DAVENPORT, Iowa — The Davenport City Council voted to ban “conversion therapy” on Wednesday night.

The update to the local human rights ordinance was included in the council’s consent agenda. The consent agenda allowed all items to be included in a roll call vote unless there was a request for separate consideration on an item.

The ban was the second item on the consent agenda. There was no request for separate consideration on any items and the consent agenda passed with a unanimous vote.

The ban on conversion therapy prohibits providers from advertising or performing conversion therapy. The ban grants subject matter jurisdiction to the Davenport Civil Rights Commission and protects children exposed to conversion therapy by extending the time frame with which complaints may be made to one year beyond their eighteenth birthday.

The video of the city council meeting is below. The vote is at minute 17.