Book review: ‘Unpregnant’


As social distancing practices begin to be our new norm, I thought I’d share a book review of my favorite read from last year. Maybe it’ll excite you enough to order online or for your Kindle and keep you company during these isolated times. ‘Unpregnant’ was released in 2019, and is soon to be a movie. I stumbled across it last year while exploring the new releases on the Young Adult shelf at my library. The brilliant pink cover artwork and title intrigued me. And once I read the synopsis, I knew it was for me.

This book absolutely broke me but in the best possible way. It had me laughing through my tears. I read it in just two days. I couldn’t put it down. The moment I did, my mind was just craving more. It’s relevant, timely and much needed. It’s so hilarious and witty, you have to remind yourself it’s also important.

High academic achiever Veronica gets pregnant and when she sees those two pink lines, her dreams of being the school’s valedictorian and attending college are fading fast. She learns her crazy soon-to-be ex-boyfriend poked holes in the condom in hopes of keeping her from going to college and leaving him behind. She’s about to make the hardest decision of her life yet the best decision for her; to have an abortion. 

The only problem: the closest clinic is in a different state, 900+ miles away. Oh and there’s more. She has no car, conservative parents, a psycho boyfriend and friends that see Veronica as the perfect teenage girl destined for greatness. She never makes mistakes, has the hottest boyfriend in school and excels at anything and everything. She’d rather lie and keep this secret than break her image.

Her only option, and the only person who knows of her secret (by accident) is Bailey, the school’s misfit and Veronica’s ex-best friend from before her Queen Bee days. So Veronica bribes Bailey to take her to the clinic but what could go wrong? Besides stolen cars, stalker boyfriends, intense weather, wild times at a strip club, and pro-life townspeople. Oh, and there’s ferrets, too.

This coming of age tale takes you on one wild journey. A friendship lost but found again. Finding out what you thought was most important in life, really isn’t. Some of the situations these girls get themselves into are downright hysterical. It reminded me of the movie ‘Superbad’ but with female characters and abortions. But don’t get hung up on the abortion aspect of the story. It’s not exactly a political or social issues story. It’s just part of the journey. The takeaways go deeper than that. Although, it does reduce shame for young women who have had, want/need or know someone who’s had an abortion. And it does it with decency.

It’s about finding yourself in a challenging episode of life. It’s about the unexpected relationships and friendships you form during the most testing of times. Who’s REALLY there for you? What does it mean to be a friend? 

Bailey has quietly struggled with her sexuality for years but during her adventures, she discovers her true self and comes out to the last person she thought she would, Veronica. It’s a story of two young women on a road trip that are so different, yet so alike. Both traveling with purpose, finding out who they are while trying to navigate life as teenagers. Every woman and teen should read this book, and it wouldn’t hurt to have some men read it too. A taboo subject written with grace and compassion and a deeper message that just tugs at your heartstrings and doesn’t let go. 

Poignant and charming. Yet straight up hilarious and absolutely wild as hell. I want to read this book a million times over. Happy reading, friends.