Buffalo Grove neighbor complains about Pride decorations, they get gayer


BUFFALO GROVE — Since Buffalo Grove Pride was pushed back until 2021, the community has been planning for a Pride Drive past homes decorated for Pride. And not everyone seems to have been happy about the decorations.

Carolyn Heyman Pinta, one of the organizers of the suburb’s Pride celebration, received an anonymous letter on Thursday. While the letter did thank the Pinta family supporting LGBTQ rights, they also thought it could be toned down.

“Whereas you celebrate gay pride, we take pride in the overall appearance of our homes and neighborhood. That’s why I’m asking you to please consider toning down your front yard signage and announcements.”

Both Pinta and people in the Buffalo Grove Pride Facebook group have basically taken that as “So… go bigger then?”

“I was going to wait until June 1st to start really laying on the decor, but this letter makes me want to start now, hoping that even more folks will jump in to participate,” Pinta said.

She said that receiving anonymous letters like that was never enjoyable, the outpouring of support is heartwarming. She saw that when someone started an anonymous petition over last year’s inaugural Pride Parade.

“The petition last year angered one donor so much that they wrote our non profit a $5,000 check and today’s incident has helped us find a lighting company that will do us up our house rainbow at night,” she said.

The local community is happy to have the decorations. ‘Whenever my shy, wonderful queer teen sees the pride flag in someone’s window or in a shop or on a church, I see their little spirit uplifted and it’s always followed by a smile,” said a commenter on the group. “It’s a sign of love and acceptance that is badly needed in this world.”

The family has an “insane” amount of rainbow magic planned, including the biggest order ever for a local balloon business and her husband has built a stage for the DJ.

“Now more than EVER we must be loud and proud – there are not good people on both sides! You either accept all love, or you’re just wrong,” Pinta said.

The BG Pride Drive is set for Sunday, June 7, from 12 to 3 p.m. Details are on the event page on Facebook.



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